The Blessed of the Munich Square


Czeslaw Jozwiak     


He was a student at the Salesian Oratory in Poznan and head of the Salesian youth associations he was dedicated to the apostolate of the youth. „All his spiritual strength derived from his trust in God, while his deep eucharistic piety and devotion to Our Lady formed the basis for his life“. Suspected by the police of taking part in resistance groups, he was arrested in September 1940 and sentenced to death under the pretext of incitement to treason. He was beheaded in the prison in Dresden on the 24th August 1942. He went to his death as if he were going to meet Jesus and Mary. Before his death he wrote to his family:
„(…) I have to leave this world. I’ll tell you that I’m happy to be sent to the kingdom come. I know that Maria who I have adored all my life will attain the forgiveness of Jesus for me. The priest will bless me during the execution. We have the great pleasure to be together before our death. We are five in one small room of the prison. „(…) Please don’t cry, don’t feel desperate, don’t be worried. It’s the will of God. I turn especially to you, my dear Mummy, offer your pain to Mary, the Mother of God, who is the painful. She will heal your wounded heart. (…)“

Edward Kazmiersky

A student at the Salesian Oratory in Poznan, he belonged to a close group of „Five“ who were leaders of the Salesian youth associations. „His young life was built on faith and this became apparent on many occasions. He was arrested for the same reason and on the same day as Czeslaw Jozwiak, put on trial and guillotined together with him on 24th August 1942 in the Dresden prison. Before his death, he wrote to his mother and sisters:
„My dear Mother, my dear Sister, … Say thank you to God for his inscrutible mercy. He has given me peace. I will leave this world reconciled with his holy will. (…) I thank you, dear Mother, for your blessing. It ’s the will of God. He demands this sacrifice from you. (…) I beg you for forgiveness with all my heart. (…) I ask you for your prayer, I kiss you, my beloved Mummy, I kiss you both. (…) Goodbye in Heaven.“

Edward Klinik

A student of the Salesian Oratory in Poznan he was also a leader of Salesian youth associations. While in prison he wrote to his mother: „Do not worry about me, as I am fighting the battle of my life with strong faith. I know that the Mother of God, under whose wings I stand as her knight, is closely following my steps and will not abandon me“. He was arrested and guillotined with the other four on 24th August 1942 in the prison in Dresden. His young life was completely built by his faith in God. He wrote to his mother to accept Jesus in his place. Up to he last moment Maria was his mother.
„My beloved parents, Mother , Father , Marysia, Henkol (…) These decisions of God are strange, but we must accept them because it is for the good of our soul. (…) Until the last moment Maria was my Mother. Now, where you, Mummy, won’t have me, take Jesus. My dear, don’t be desperate and don’t cry, because I’m together with Jesus and Maria.“

Franciszek Kesy

He was part of the group of „Five“ at the Salesian Oratory in Poznan and noted for his unparalleled apostolic commitment and devotion to Our Lady. With Czeslaw Jozwiak he was arrested and tried. He died with him on 24th August 1942 in the prison in Dresden, and his friends from the Salesian Oratory were strengthened in spirit. One day a prisoner saw them praying and said: „Do you know what you will do?“ The answer was: ‚Only God knows that. We trust Him. Anything that happens to us – will be His will‘. He also wrote to his family:
„My beloved Parents and Brothers and Sisters. The moment of taking leave of you has arrived. God, the dear Lord, calls me home. Don’t feel sorry for me because I have to leave this world at such a young age .I’m in the state of mercy and I don’t know whether I’ll be able to keep my promise. I go into Heaven. It’s time to say goodbye. In Heaven I will beseech God. … Please pray for me from time to time. I’ll go ahead.“

Jarogniew Wojciechowski

Student at the Salesian Oratory in Poznan and the youngest in the group of „Five“ who were leaders of the Salesian youth association. He was arrested and sentenced to death for taking part in a patriotic organization. For the same reason as Czeslaw Jozwiak, which was arrested on the same day, tried and guillotined together with him on 24th August 1942 in the prison in Dresden. He accepted his unjust death as „an extraordinary grace from God“ in order to pass rapidly from earth to heaven. Before his death he wrote to his sister:
„(…) You don’t stay alone on this Earth. I and Mummy will always be with you. I’d like to ask you for one thing. At every moment in your life please offer your feelings to Maria and Jesus, because you find relief in them. Imagine how happy I am: I’m united with Jesus in the Holy Communion. At this last Holy Communion I’ll be thinking of you and will offer it for you and me hoping that all our family without exception will be happy in Heaven. I go on ahead and I’ll be waiting for you with my dearest Mother. Please forgive me I can’t write any more.“

Grzegorz Boleslaw Frackowiak SVD

A monk with the Society of the Divine Word and a friar in the convent at Gorna Grupa. His life plan, marked out by him in his spiritual diary, was: „To be holy, that is all I want from Jesus“. After the arrest of a group of people following the discovery of some patriotic leaflets, he offered himself for those imprisoned at Jarocin, taking upon himself the punishment for the incident. He was subsequently arrested by the Gestapo in September 1942 and beheaded in Dresden on 5th May 1943. Before the execution he wrote to his nearest:
„When you receive this letter, I will not be in this world anymore, because today – Wednesday, the 5th May 1943, at about 18:15 hours – I will be beheaded. I beg you to pray „Eternal rest“. „God bless you. Be good Catholics. Forgive me all. I am sorry for my dear mother. Remain with God. We shall meet in heaven“.